Summer in TheMitten

This is the first summer in over 15 years that I will not be heading to the Upper Peninsula for holiday. Life has led my husband into a new job that does not allow for time off at this time. So, being the partner that I am, I will sacrifice my desire to head north and instead point east or west this summer.

Michigan is a beautiful state with many places to adventure. Being surrounded by Great Lakes, we have a couple of hours drive to make it to at least one. This is a state built on the back of automobiles. Driving is a pleasure when adventuring. Commuting to work not so much, but knowing you are heading away? Worth it!

Lake Michigan is lovely. The west side of MI is something to behold. It is the sunset side of the state and the show that is put on daily is spectacular. Quaint little lakeside towns, antique stores, microbreweries and the beaches. Great way to spend a long weekend.

Petoskey has been a town we have spent many hours in. Nesteled on the shore of Lake Michigan, it sits on a bluff looking out over the water. Having close friends living in town has helped determine our destination for years. We have enjoyed the many weekends spent in this area.

Just when you are comfortable change happens. The husband found a new calling, off they went. A job came up, too good to pass. Off they went. Across the state to a little town on Lake Huron. From one big water to another they traveled. 

Lake Huron has been ignored for the most part by us, so it is time. East we go.

A New Beginning…

So this is a new beginning.

Life twists and turns, but I believe you end up on the road meant for you. What you are driving, how well you are driving and your designation is up to you.

I question the road I am on daily. Do you?